Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Evidence of Ancient Advanced Civilisations

I write a number of blogs and it was hard to decide where this one should appear as it's not really on the theme of any of them. I've been interested in history for some time and fascinated by how our civilisation developed so some recent discoveries have been a real eye opener about our past. As a result it seemed a good idea to put some details together for my own benefit as much as anyone else to try to clarify things that are facts, scientific theories and pure speculation to try to put some order to them. I'll be adding to this over time so check back for any updates and feel free to comment if there are things you disagree with or I've missed out.

Is there any Evidence for Ancient Advanced Civilisations?

Civilisations as we understand them are believed by mainstream archaeologists to have begun around 5000BC. However, is it possible that advanced civilisations existed before this time and we have yet to find any evidence or understand the evidence we already have?

To try to assess the information I've grouped items into 3 headings.

Facts Beyond Dispute

Sea levels are much higher now than 10,000 years ago
Much of the planet has a very different climate to 10,000 years ago
Gobekli Tepi was used around 12,000 years ago, possibly as much as 15,000
Pyramids of Giza are aligned to exact compass directions
Many species became extinct around 12000 years ago especially in North America
Method of building the Pyramids is unknown
Date of construction of Sphinx is unknown
Asteroid or comet impacts have occurred in the past
Cave paintings have been dated to around 35,000-40,000 years ago
Jomon people in Japan
Harrapan/Indus Valley in India
Doggerland/Mesolithic Star Carr Lake Flixton 9000BC https://www.archaeology.co.uk/articles/return-to-star-carr-discovering-the-true-size-of-a-mesolithic-settlement.htm

Scientific Theories

Earth was hit by a comet or meteorite around 12000 years ago in North America
The Sphinx is aligned to the constellation Leo
The Pyramids of Giza are in scale to the circumference of the earth (Fact but coincidence or not?)
Ancients had no knowledge of astronomy or maths
The first civilisations began around 6000 years ago

Disputed Theories from Extrapolated Data

Weathering on the Sphinx indicates it was built when water flowed. This would be at least 8000 years ago.
The Sphinx is aligned to the constellation Leo which implies building 10,000 years ago
The Pyramids of Giza are in scale to the circumference of the earth and this was planned by the builders

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