Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Is Best Bonds Crossrail Genuine or a Scam Investment?

We've seen adverts from Best Bond claiming you can invest in Crossrail through a 9.25% Crossrail Bond. Crossrail is a government backed infrastructure project building a new train line across London.

Crossrail bond scam or genuine
Crossrail bond scam or genuine?
This advert is rather misleading as when you click on the ad itself it says it's property related to Crossrail - quite a different proposition to investing in the government backed Crossrail project! With this Crossrail bond you have the risk of losing 100% of your money. It is not backed by the government and is an unregulated investment.

If you think you are investing in the Crossrail project then you are being misled and potentially ripped off.

Crossrail is here http://www.crossrail.co.uk/ - this is nothing to do with -the bond advertised

Monday, 23 July 2018

No Deal Brexit Civil Disorder - Amazon UK Predictions

Despite dismissal as usual by Brexiteers, the suggestion by the Head of Amazon UK that civil unrest is possible within 2 weeks sounds to me like a fairly likely scenario if interruptions to basic supplies take place. This is entirely possible if we have no agreement to manage our relationship with the EU to replace current legal frameworks. You only need to look back at the Summer riots of 2010, fuel protests in 2001, Black Friday punch ups or the panic buying that happens if there is a forecast of snow disruption to see the mentality that can very quickly develop if people don’t get what they expect.

No Deal Brexit Civil Disorder - Amazon UK Predictions
No Deal Brexit Civil Disorder - Amazon UK Predictions

Pictures as above of Black Friday bargain hunters getting into fights over a TV will pale into insignificance if basic food supplies run out. You can understand why the government would need to invoke a state of emergency to cope with the situation.

Even most recently with the Build a Bear discount fiasco the police were called to outbreaks of disorder with disputes over cut price toys. Just imagine that replicated in shops and businesses across the country when people are unable to fill their car or are fighting for limited supplies of food because lorries are stuck or their drivers are no longer able to drive in the UK legally.

No deal is being suggested as an option but it really isn't viable - there has to be some form of deal. If not then you'd have millions of people unable to work in the UK, unable to drive in EU as well as massive delays at the UK borders with trucks being stopped for customs checks. There are so many areas where integration has taken place over the last 40 years that unpicking the whole process isn't something that can be done overnight.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Could an Ancient Advanced civilization have existed - Is there evidence?

Until recently the general consensus was that civilization only occurred around 5000BC but more and more evidence seems to be coming out that humans were more advanced longer ago than was ever previously believed. It's usually assumed that human progress is linear but even in the recent past this hasn't been the case when you had great civilizations like the Roman or Greek empires that were followed by hundreds or thousands of years with development going backwards and disappearance of technology previously used.

There are various discoveries that I think could demonstrate that ancient advanced civilizations could have existed. As a scientist I know that proof requires evidence but also over time much material that would give certainty will have decayed or been destroyed so much is likely to be from secondary sources or by observation of changes. Firstly Gobekli Tepe has been shown to be around 12,000 years old and clearly needed a lot of knowledge and organisation to be able to construct the stone circles. Until the late 1990s this was unknown and would have been dismissed as impossible in the timeframe now accepted.

We also have the discovery of Denisovans purely by DNA who were unknown 10 years ago. If one group of human ancestors can remain invisible to us until such recent times then it seems to me that it's entirely possible that other ancestors are also unknown. The analysis of DNA is also throwing up other distant ancestors which could also give more details of our history.
With discoveries such as Archaeologists find earliest evidence of bread and also finding earlier evidence of domestication of wheat for farming than previously thought it's wide open that there is still much that we don't know about.

Even now we have a wide mix of civilization at different stages of development from what might be considered advanced technology with computers and space flight alongside hunter gatherers living in remote areas around the world such as Brazilian rainforests, in Africa or Aborigines. Very similar patterns may have existed historically and finding one group that were stone age shouldn't preclude other civilizations existing at different stages of development.
Could these undersea islands  be the mystical location of Atlantis or other civilisations erased by sea level rises?
Could these undersea islands  be the mystical location of Atlantis or other civilisations erased by sea level rises?

The rise in sea levels over the last 20,000 years and in last 10,000 in particular are likely to have erased much evidence of coastal civilization that may have existed. After seeing the above maps on a recent flight it was eye opening how much low lying land is now below sea level and could have been inhabited historically. Areas such as Doggerland in the North sea between UK and Europe are known to have been inhabited and often generate archaeological finds when the sea bed is dredged. Similar situations are likely elsewhere and sea level rises would certainly explain the widespread flood myths across many civilizations and religions.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Boris Brexit Betrayal - The Will of the People being ignored?

So Boris has finally quit because he couldn't agree with the brexit deal being proposed and didn't consider it was sufficiently bold. It's interesting that he hasn't proposed any alternatives and during the referendum campaign the details were deliberately left vague.

If anything the referendum campaign means that anything that involves leaving the EU would respect the result regardless of what some hardline brexiteers might say. There were so many different variations of what was being suggested if we voted Leave that it's impossible to know which variant was actually voted for. Even now some Leave supporters are suggesting that being a member of EFTA is an option and if this is promoted by Ukip then it's hardly a Remain conspiracy.

So despite the howls of betrayal from brexiteers about the proposal from Theresa May, the real betrayal was by Boris and Vote Leave by giving so many unachievable promises like his having Cake and Eat it quote.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Is Northern Powerhouse Developments Investment Genuine or a scam?

 Northern Powerhouse Developments was previously known as MBI Property Investments. They offer very high risk hotel room investments to high net worth individuals - these are not suitable investments for someone to put their life savings into

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Basset & Gold 9% 5 year compounding bond review

Basset and Gold are offering a bewildering array of different rate bonds but the common factor on all of them is that your money is at risk and you could lose ALL your money with them.

These are some really important points about the Basset Gold 9% bonds

Basset & Gold that you are buying a 5 year bond with was only registered with companies house on 24th July 2017. So it would seem brave in the extreme to put money into a 5 year bond with a company that didn’t exist 11 months ago.

How can you guarantee that the company will be there to repay your money in 5 years time when they weren't in existence a year ago? It's hardly a stable long term company!

It seems a bit strange that B&G chose to withdraw its directors' register information from the public register in May this year. May be legitimate but it seems very strange.

If you think that these sort of companies are safe and FSCS protected - think again. There are other similar companies that have gone bust after a couple of years leaving investors out of pocket. There is a reason they are paying high levels of return - it's because there is so much risk you are taking.

Basset & Gold 9% 5 year compounding bond review
Basset & Gold 9% 5 year compounding bond review

They have not even managed to calculate the compounded return correctly. 9.01% compounded on £5000 for 5 years gives you £2728 not £2,252. What they have calculated is the non compounded return.

Someone has suggested that as the interest is fixed but your capital is not B&G are perfectly at will to pay you back the £2525 from the £5000 you invest and pocket all your capital - I.e you make a £2475 loss. I cannot see any reason why they would chose to pay you back your capital as I can see nothing here that says they need to.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Basset Gold 3% Cash Bond - Is it Real or Too Good to be True?

One of the Basset Gold products is called a Cash Bond and claimed to be "A great savings rate with easy access to your cash" yet your capital is still at risk and there is zero mention in the website details that it's not FSCS protected and you could lose your money.

Basset Gold 3% Cash Bond - Is it Genuine or Scam?
Basset Gold 3% Cash Bond - Is it Genuine or Scam?

It's very worrying that the website claims:

No Fees – 100% of principal returned at term

Yet this is an investment product that could mean you lose all or part of your money. There is no guarantee that you will get all your money back or even get all the interest. Read the risk warning very carefully!

Risk Warning