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Summary of Administrators Update - February 2020

Summary of Administrator's Report 27 March 2019

SFO arrested Names March 2019

SFO Investigation into LCF 18 March 2019

MP Letter Complaint Template

LCF - What Assets Back the loans?

List of the 12 London Capital & Finance Borrowers with Loans

LCF now Insolvent and Enters Administration 31 January 2019

Letter to bondholders from the Administrators Smith & Williamson 31 January 2019

What happens next if I have an LCF ISA?

Loans to Atlantic Petroleum converted to shares

What are the risks of London Capital & Finance Bonds and ISAs?

London Capital & Finance - A tangled web of companies or an elaborate scam?

Global Security Trustees Ltd - Changes to Ownership

CV Resorts (LCF borrower) Investigation to Why Assets Impaired

London Capital & Finance - A Clear case of mis-selling

LCF Update 22 January 2019

London Capital Finance Bondholders Facebook Group

Asset backed security - Does this mean it's Safe?

Who are Global Security Trustees Ltd?

Who Owns London Capital & Finance?

How many loans have London Capital made?

Companies Linked to London Capital & Finance


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