Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Airport Parking Investment Scam Reviews - Is Airport Parking Guaranteed Income real?

There are many adverts that appear online for various investments offering what they claim to be guaranteed returns, sometimes in the order of 10-20% per year in things like airport parking spaces at airports such as Glasgow or Gatwick. In some cases the parking space may not even exist.

The reality is that these investments are not regulated and can lose ALL your money so any claims about guarantees should be considered as unenforceable - if the company offering the guarantee goes bust then it will not be able to pay out any investors making the guarantee worthless.

Some people may be targeting investors with a pot of money after the new pension freedoms who think that it's too risky to invest in the stock market and are attracted by the offer of guaranteed returns. What these investments in airport parking don't tell you is that the return is often only promised for a couple of years so after that you may receive no further money and your parking space may be worthless or valued at a fraction of what you paid.

If you are really risk averse and are swayed by the promise of a "guarantee" by these companies then this is not the investment for you. Stocks and shares ISAs may not guarantee the capital amounts but long term should beat cash and are regulated by FSCS so you will not be out of pocket in the unlikely event of fraud.

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