Friday, 24 June 2016

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This blog has been silent for a little while as I've concentrated on other projects. However the EU referendum vote has galvanised opinion so much on both sides that it seemed an appropriate channel to post some thoughts as the weeks go on.

While I was firmly in the Remain camp, I had a high expectation that Leave would be on course to win from discussions with work colleagues and from viewing comments on Facebook groups. When various friends I considered to be balanced and considered, were posting Leave material in the days before the vote I believed it was a sign that the Leave vote would triumph.

As a result and for the only time in my life I placed some bets. I wish I'd known that bets could be placed after the vote had closed as the odds were much better then but I still managed to get odds of 4/1 for Leave and have ended up with a decent profit. Unfortunately it's somewhat tempered by the drop in my share portfolio but even there the fall hasn't been as dramatic as might have been expected due to dollar assets now being more valuable than before.

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