Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Boris Brexit Betrayal - The Will of the People being ignored?

So Boris has finally quit because he couldn't agree with the brexit deal being proposed and didn't consider it was sufficiently bold. It's interesting that he hasn't proposed any alternatives and during the referendum campaign the details were deliberately left vague.

If anything the referendum campaign means that anything that involves leaving the EU would respect the result regardless of what some hardline brexiteers might say. There were so many different variations of what was being suggested if we voted Leave that it's impossible to know which variant was actually voted for. Even now some Leave supporters are suggesting that being a member of EFTA is an option and if this is promoted by Ukip then it's hardly a Remain conspiracy.

So despite the howls of betrayal from brexiteers about the proposal from Theresa May, the real betrayal was by Boris and Vote Leave by giving so many unachievable promises like his having Cake and Eat it quote.

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