Sorry Roll Call of Investment Losses

Yet another scam investment has gone bust losing investor's money. It's a sorry list of losses that in many cases had been highlighted on this blog over the years.

Most recently it was Aston Darby car parking that was highlighted in 2018. Sadly the investors have found the reality of  "guaranteed returns" are nothing of the sort. It appears from the information released that it was a ponzi scam with new investor money being used to pay out existing ones. Even if the 22% guaranteed return was given to investors it means they'd lose the other 78% of their investment.

Crossrail bond was offered with no connection to Crossrail itself.

Blackmore Bond has gone into administration 

Basset and Gold went into administration but this one looks like FSCS may pick up the tab for the losses

Top ISA rates website promoted the range of dodgy mini bond investments

Capital Bridge investments was disclosing 20% commission payments as per Blackmore Bond. It's reported that Capital Bridge is now in administration.


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