London Capital & Finance - Linked Borrowers Company Structure

As per my previous blog post about many of the companies that LCF have lent money to being linked together as part of a wider company as well as sharing the same registered addresses and directors I've put a diagram together to give an idea of some of the connections. This shows the company structure and which companies owe money to London Capital & Finance according to their accounts filed with Companies House. According to LCF they had 11 borrowers, this one holding company accounts for 7 of those lent money by London Capital & Finance so there are only 4 other companies to be identified that have been given loans.

Ultimately London Group LLP own London Group Ltd which in turn owns the other companies. The companies shown in yellow are listed as owing money to London Capital & Finance so it looks like they've lent money to 7 companies within the same group, most of whom have many of the same directors and registered addresses as LCF.

London Capital & Finance Linked Borrowers Company Structure
London Capital & Finance Linked Borrowers Company Structure
According to their accounts LCF had made loans to 11 companies. From analysis of their accounts these appear to be:

Charges to London Capital & Finance PLC


Much of this information is based on the annual accounts filed with Companies House which are by their nature backwards looking and out of date. The structure and loans may have changed since the dates of the accounts especially as London Capital & Finance have repeatedly used an account filing loophole to avoid submitting their accounts so the ones available are older that would normally be the case.


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